Menopause is that inevitable chapter in the life of anyone who goes through menstrual cycles, usually hitting somewhere between the ages of 45 and 55. It’s like nature’s own way of signaling a new phase, marked by dropping estrogen levels and a decrease in egg production.

This period isn’t just a biological shift; it brings along a mix of physical and mental experiences, all due to the hormonal roller coaster happening inside. To help smooth out this transition, a lot of folks lean on menopause supplements. So, what exactly are these supplements, and how do they assist in keeping your body in check amidst all these changes? To ease through this transition, many turn to menopause supplements

Thanks to experts in functional medicine in Whitthier and the area, we’ll explore what those are and how they help you manage your body to function properly through the changes. 

What supplements are best for menopause?

What supplements are best for menopauseThough hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has long been the go-to solution for easing menopause symptoms, a lot of women are now looking for other options. There’s been quite a bit of research into different supplements that might help with menopause symptoms. Here are some of the top picks:


Phytoestrogens are plant-derived compounds that mimic estrogen in the body. Foods like soybeans, flaxseeds, and sesame seeds are rich in phytoestrogens. Supplements containing these compounds may help balance hormones and reduce symptoms like hot flashes.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Found in fish oil and flaxseeds, omega-3s are essential for heart health and may also help improve mood swings and depression associated with menopause.

Vitamin D and Calcium

These are crucial for bone health, especially as the risk of osteoporosis increases after menopause. Supplementation can help maintain bone density and prevent fractures.


Magnesium is far from your everyday mineral; it’s a true superstar for your well-being, stepping up its game especially during menopause. Imagine magnesium supplements as that faithful pal to your sleep routine. They gently coax your body into producing more melatonin, signaling to your brain it’s time to wind down and head off to sleep.

What’s the best natural medicine for menopause?

Beyond just popping pills, natural medicine opens up a whole world of healing options, from age-old herbal treatments to the precise points of acupuncture. Here are some of the common natural medicines recommended by functional medicine doctors.

Women’s Phase II

Women’s Phase II is a natural blend packed with botanical goodies like Dong Quai, licorice root, wild yam, burdock root, and motherwort. This mix, rich in phytoestrogens, is all about supporting the health of your breasts, bones, heart, uterus, and liver. In a recent study, which was both double-blind and placebo-controlled, an impressive 71% of the women who tried this formula reported having fewer symptoms in general. And get this – every single one of them felt their menopausal symptoms were less intense.

Black Cohosh

Taking black cohosh supplements proved to be as effective as low-dose estrogen patches in dealing with the hot flashes, night sweats, and the psychological ups and downs that come with menopause. The recommended amount? Between 40 to 128 mg every day, divided into separate doses. And you can keep this up for as long as 12 months.

Femmenessence MacaPause

Maca root, known as an adaptogenic herb, has been tapped into for thousands of years for its ability to help our bodies manage stress, boost brain function, and kick our libido into higher gear. Recent studies confirm that MacaPause, packed with maca, really does the trick in soothing those common menopause annoyances.

What's the best natural medicine for menopauseWhere can I find experts in Functional Medicine in Whittier & the area? 

Facing menopause might feel overwhelming, but it’s absolutely manageable with some solid support. With advice from functional medicine doctors, small changes to what you eat, and a range of natural remedies, you’ve got this!  At Oasis Healing in Whittier, our functional medicine and wellness center is all about delivering top-tier care and crafting treatment plans that are as unique as you are, helping you stay healthy and supported at all times.

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