Success Stories

I was moody, stressed, tired, overweight, and totally hormonal. I just wasn’t myself anymore. Dr. Jamie helped restore me back to my normal self. I am productive and positive again!

Sara B.

I’ve had many massages at Oasis Healing Arts. Both Amanda and Kelsey are strong, intuitive, and incredibly consistent. Healing to the core. I love this place.

Gracie O.

My husband always knows when I’ve gotten a treatment from Dr. Jamie because I come home so relaxed and happy! My husband and I thank you, Dr. Jamie!

Tina M.

I came in for acupuncture with Dr. Susana for my severe anxiety which kept me house-ridden for months. After four months of her treatments and supplements – my anxiety is quelled and I am enjoying my life and family again.

Mark B.

I had daily headaches and migraines for over 20 years. Dr. Jamie ran some tests and put me on a treatment plan. I was honestly astounded when my migraines disappeared after just a week. No joke. From 20 years of daily pain to NO MORE MIGRAINES. Grateful beyond words.

Troy A.

The doctors at Oasis healed my back pain. No more meds, no more sleepless nights. I’m biking and hiking again. Thank you, Oasis!

Jacob R.

Dr. Susana healed my foot pain with those acupuncture needles. Incredible. I’m a bonafide believer now.

John D.

I’ve had chronic GI and skin problems for months. After 5 visits with Dr. Lee, I no longer suffer from stomach aches and my skin has cleared up!

Nancy L.

The doctors and staff at Oasis are a God-send. My whole family has been seeing Dr. Jamie and her therapists for years. Thank you, Oasis, for keeping my family healthy and well!

Rochelle T.

Amanda is the bomb! Her massages are always thorough and customized to my sore spots. I am a loyal client for life!

Marisol V.