Functional Medicine Consultation

Dr. Jamie Chan-Ortega, Ph.D. $325 initial visit / $250 follow-ups
**Video & Phone Consultations Available

While conventional medicine focuses on matching pharmaceutical drugs with your symptoms and treating your disease, we focus on optimizing your diet, nutrition, and lifestyle so that YOU, not your disease, thrives.

Our Functional Medicine consultations include a face to face consultation with Dr. Jamie and a thorough review of your past and current health history, physical and emotional challenges or stressors, lifestyle, stress management techniques or lack thereof, diet, nutrition, exercise and postural habits, and sleep; assessment of your health goals and wellness expectations; and a lifestyle, diet, and nutritional supplement treatment plan.

Specialized laboratory testing and a science based approach can pinpoint the root causes of your health problems, We encourage you to refer to our Functional Medicine page for more information.

*price does not include cost of labs or supplements
**acupuncture therapy can be added to your consultation for an additional $65


$99 initial visit / $85 follow-ups with Dr. Jamie / $75 follow-ups with Dr. Jones or Dr. Lee

We treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal pain symptoms with an even wider variety of causes. Whether your pain is in your wrists, neck, shoulders, lower back, hips, or that stubborn spot right between your spine and your shoulder blades; whether it’s from an injury, repetitive motion, or you aren’t quite sure how or why you now have pain; whether you’ve had this pain for years or just a few days – we can help you.

If your insurance plan covers acupuncture please provide us with your information at the time of booking to confirm benefits.


Functional Medicine for Optimal Fertility

Dr. Jamie Chan-Ortega, Ph.D. $325 initial visit / $250 follow-ups

Our reproductive systems are wondrously made, and wondrously interconnected with our other body systems. Optimal fertility is much more than simply regulating your periods and timing ovulation, and expands beyond your ovaries and uterus. Optimal fertility involves your brain, particularly your hypothalamus and pituitary gland. It is intertwined with your thyroid gland, communicates with your gut, depends on your liver for proper detoxification of hormones, and is impaired when you are emotionally or physiologically inflamed.

Functional Medicine for Optimal Fertility enables you to take a deep dive into the systems of your body to see what internal dysfunctions, deficiencies or excesses may exist. Using specialized laboratory tests, your clinician will identify these imbalances and create a personalized treatment program to correct them. As your imbalances are corrected, you come into a place of vibrant health, greater energy, hormonal stability, and of course, optimal fertility.

*price does not include cost of labs or supplements
**acupuncture therapy can be added to your consultation for an additional $65


Acupuncture for Fertility Enhancement

$125 initial visit / $90 follow-ups

Acupuncture enhances fertility through several biological pathways. The scientific literature shows that acupuncture reduces stress, releases endorphins and balances hormones. Balanced hormones mean regular menstrual cycles and increased likelihood of conception. Acupuncture also helps to stimulate ovulation and increase blood flow to the uterine lining, thereby optimizing the chances of successful implantation of the embryo.

At Oasis Healing Arts, our Optimal Fertility acupuncture treatments are designed to help create the most fertile environment both in your body and specifically in your womb, optimizing pregnancy outcomes. We practitioners are also mothers, and some of us have personally experienced fertility challenges. We understand your heart, your concerns, and the female body.

Acupuncture treatments may also include: stress-reduction techniques, therapeutic massage, dietary consultation and plan, and lifestyle coaching. We also provide hormone testing, aromatherapy, and the highest quality herbal and nutritional supplements.*

*price does not include cost of lab tests and supplements

Therapeutic Massage

*Offered Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, and Sat.
60-min: $80
75-min: $95
90-min: $110
Pregnancy Upgrade: +$20

We only select the best of the best massage therapists skilled in both the science and art of massage therapy to offer you the most relaxing, rejuvenating massage experience. Full-body or just the neck and back; robust Deep Tissue work; Acupressure-focused relief of your knots; gentle and smooth Swedish strokes; or a combination of them all – It’s your massage. Your body. Your special time. We’ll tailor it to you. Our Aromatherapy Blends are carefully selected to address our clients’ most common concerns:

  • Headaches
  • Muscle Pain & Stiffness
  • Stress & Tension
  • Nasal & Sinus Congestion
  • Insomnia; Poor Quality Sleep
  • Weakened Immune System