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60-min: $105 | 90-min: $135

Get your health back on track with a lymphatic massage

At Oasis Healing Functional Medicine & Wellness Center in Whittier, our goal is simple: to help our patients fully heal. The lymphatic drainage massages we provide are more than just relaxing sessions; they cleanse your body of toxins, damaged cells and debris; they reduce pain and inflammation; and they support your body’s healing systems.

Our compassionate lymphatic massage experts are deeply attuned to your needs; what your body’s been through, what’s burdening your body now, and how you hope your body feels and functions as we make progress in your healing. That’s why so many of our patients searching for lymphatic massages in Whittier come to Oasis Healing Arts and leave here feeling that they were heard, understood, and truly cared for.

Dr. Jamie Chan-Ortega

Do you have an obstructed lymphatic system?

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What is lymphatic drainage massage?

In addition to delivering nutrients to our cells, our lymphatic system removes waste products and toxins. Unlike our heart, it operates without a central pump, resulting in fluid stagnation and potential infection. That’s exactly why we need to stay active and perform lymphatic drainage massage in Whittier. This procedure allows our lymphatic systems to properly flow. 

This is what makes this type of treatment extremely important, especially post-surgery, when IV fluids and medications build up. This straightforward process paves the way for diminished swelling, alleviated pain, and a quicker healing journey.

How do I know if this is something I need?

Any person concerned about their health might benefit from a lymphatic massage. However, it may be especially helpful for people with conditions that result in accumulated lymph fluid that hinders its flow. Some of them are listed below:

  • Cosmetic surgery aftercare
  • Postoperative care plan for surgical procedures, such as C-sections, lumbar surgeries, hip or knee replacements, etc.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Lymphedema
  • Fibromyalgia



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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if you have poor lymph drainage?

There are several issues that might point to the fact that you have poor lymph drainage:

  • Always feeling tired despite getting enough sleep
  • Experiencing constant brain fog
  • Noticing chronic swelling particularly in areas like the neck, armpits, or groin
  • Dealing with noticeable bloating or swelling in your limbs
  • Observing changes like discoloration or stiffness in your skin

If you notice any or all of these problems, feel free to give us a call and we’ll determine whether or not there’s a dysfunction with your lymphatic drainage.

How does lymphatic drainage therapy work?

Lymphatic drainage massage available near you in Whittier is essentially a meticulous and calculated technique, where the initial phase is all about clearing. Your lymphatic fluid gets a gentle nudge during this phase. Following that, we venture into the reabsorption phase, in which the fluid methodically reaches your lymph nodes.

Our skilled therapist will gently direct the lymph away from areas of swelling, using a light and rhythmic touch, offering relief and simultaneously boosting your immune and lymphatic systems. This practice facilitates the smooth flow of lymph.

Is it good to drain lymphatic fluid?

No matter your medical history, everyone can benefit from lymphatic drainage in Whittier. Some of the biggest positive effects of such massages are:

  • Boosted immunity
  • A renewed sense of energy 
  • A reduction in bloating and water retention 
  • A mini sculpting session for your body
  • Anxiety levels reduced
  • A glow-up for your skin, embracing that healthy, fresh-faced look.
  • A mental sharpening
Can healthy people benefit from lymphatic drainage massages?

Healthy and considering a lymphatic massage in Whittier? While it may not provide notable benefits beyond a relaxing experience for those with a well-functioning lymphatic system, people usually find it energizing.

Also, even though there’s no evidence that it will help slim you down, it may offer a fleeting sculpting effect by increasing fluid movement.

Who provides expert lymphatic drainage massage near me in Whittier?

Oasis Healing Functional Medicine & Wellness Center in Whittier provides exceptional natural healthcare, with a focus on Functional Medicine.

Visit us and get to know our friendly team of acupuncturists, Functional Medicine doctors, lymphatic and therapeutic massage therapists, all dedicated to your health and happiness with a range of functional medicine services, including:

We’re always happy to answer any of your questions. Just give us a call and we’ll gladly guide you through all your health concerns!