Going through menopause can be tough for a lot of women, with symptoms that can be anything from a minor nuisance to really severe. There’s a lot of talk about how to handle these symptoms best. In the following blog, we’ll dive into the differences between HRT and a holistic approach to cover the benefits and discuss if it’s possible to get through menopause without relying on medication. And if you’re still on the fence after reading, consider reaching out to professional Functional medicine doctors in Whittier or nearby areas for more guidance.

Is it better to go through menopause without medication?

What are the advantages of functional medicine over HRTChoosing how to navigate menopause is truly a personal journey, and it’s different for every woman. This choice often depends on how intense the menopausal symptoms are, individual health concerns, lifestyle preferences, and the desire for a natural transition. Some women sail through menopause easily, barely noticing the change, and don’t feel the need for any medication. Yet, for others, the symptoms can really turn their lives upside down, making some form of treatment necessary to get by.

What is conventional menopause treatment? 

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is a go-to for relieving menopause discomfort, available in systemic forms or as low-dose vaginal products. Systemic HRT uses hormones like estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone in various forms—pills, patches, gels, creams, rings, sprays—to tackle a broad spectrum of menopause symptoms. Although HRT is a traditional approach, it’s noteworthy that many functional medicine practitioners are experienced in this method too.

What are the advantages of functional medicine over HRT?

Functional Medicine offers a deep and natural approach to navigating menopause. It goes beyond just managing symptoms, digging into the root causes by looking at your health history, lifestyle, genes, and even your surroundings.

While it might not give you instant relief, it’s the obvious choice for anyone ready to take a closer look at their health and work towards balance in their body. It’s all about creating a plan that’s just for you, targeting the real reasons behind your menopause symptoms. This approach can make your transition through menopause not just bearable, but healthier and more fulfilling.

What are the most common functional labs needed for menopause?

  • Comprehensive Hormone Panel: Functional medicine doctors often use tests like the urinary DUTCH Complete and the serum Female Hormone Panel, which gives insights into your reproductive hormones, stress levels, and overall body balance. 
  • Thyroid Panel: Thyroid issues can mimic menopause symptoms and are more common as women approach menopause. Adding a thyroid test to your check-up gives a fuller picture of your health during this time.
  • Stool Test: Research shows that postmenopausal women tend to have a less diverse gut bacteria mix and a greater risk of leaky gut than those who haven’t reached menopause. In-depth stool tests can reveal the state of the gut’s microbiome and levels of zonulin, a leaky gut marker, allowing for tailored treatments and improved digestive health.
  • Cardiometabolic Assessment: Menopause can really shake things up when it comes to your cholesterol and fats in your blood, often pushing up the numbers for your total cholesterol, LDL (the “bad” cholesterol), triglycerides, and even something called lipoprotein(a). Plus, it has an impact on things like your insulin sensitivity, blood sugar, and liver function.

Where can I book an appointment with the best Functional Medicine doctors in WhittierWhere can I book an appointment with the best Functional Medicine doctors in Whittier?

Oasis Healing Functional Medicine & Wellness Center is your go-to place for personalized health and wellness care. If you’re navigating through menopause and feeling unsure about your dietary and lifestyle recommendations for menopause or not sure what supplements to take, our expert team is here to guide you. We focus on getting to the heart of your health issues with advanced testing and assessments, crafting treatment plans that are just right for you. Don’t hesitate to reach our team in Whittier and nearby areas!

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