Stress & Tension

Research in the field of neuropsychology shows that 75- 98% of all chronic diseases in the western world are triggered by or associated with stress-responses in the brain and body. Nowadays, it seems like everyone is mentally or emotionally stressed to some degree. For many people, stress is a part of daily life, and “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” of problems, worries, and fears, repeatedly talking about and sharing negative experiences again and again. What happens to your body when your mind is chronically bogged down in negative thought patterns and stressful experiences? What happens when you are always “on,” taking care of your family and responsibilities, or even working on exciting and even desirable things like planning for a wedding or executing a dream kitchen renovation?

The answer is this: your body’s stress responses get activated so much that you become imbalanced, inflamed and depleted, as in the case of adrenal fatigue. Disruptions in your hormone levels, cardiovascular function, digestive system, and metabolism all accompany your stress response. Blood pressure rises. Muscles tense up. Your mood swings like a pendulum.
How can you stress less? How can you not worry? How can you respond in a positive and healthy way to challenging people and difficult situations? First, it is important to become aware and proactive about your thought habits and behavioral responses. Your core beliefs about yourself and the world around you affect your body in profound ways – for good or for bad. It’s also important to eat the right foods and take the right nutritional supplements, as well as to detoxify the liver, if necessary. At Oasis Healing Arts, we have a passion for treating stress and helping you to pursue and establish peace in your life. We are science-minded clinicians with faith-filled hearts, and we base our practice on the spiritual principle: “A heart at peace gives life to the body.” We have a vast array of tools, techniques, and therapies ranging from religious-based / spirituality-based affirmations, prayer, meditation, psychotherapy-based self-development, acupuncture and Chinese herbs, breathing exercises, yoga poses, nutraceuticals, detoxification, and good ol’ hands-on healing (massage therapy).