High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is a measure of the force, or pressure, against your arterial walls when your heart pumps out oxygenated blood. Blood pressure is considered high when it is greater than 140 mm/Hg systolic (maximum pressure) and 90 mm/Hg diastolic (minimum pressure). In 90-95% of individuals, the cause of hypertension is “unknown” (the remaining 5-10% are usually due to kidney disease or thyroid dysfunction). High blood pressure is a diagnostic label, a description of your symptom. It alone tells you nothing about the “why” or “how” you have increased pressure within your arterial walls. But the “unknown” cause of hypertension is actually very clear. Most often, lifestyle factors are the cause: vital nutrient deficiencies, a highly processed, high-glycemic diet, psychosocial stress, toxic burdens, and lack of exercise – particularly outdoor exercise. With acupuncture and massage therapy, targeted lifestyle changes, specific food plans, stress-reduction techniques, and/or key nutritional supplements, we can help you lower and normalize your blood pressure, without harmful medications.