Fatigue & Low Energy

As with all conditions, there are usually a number of factors at play, layered over months and years, creating the imbalances that result in our symptoms of illness and disease. Fatigue is no different; it is a very common health condition that can be caused by inadequate nutrition, allergens, lack of exercise, improper breathing patterns, overwork, psychological stress, infection, toxicity, and hormonal imbalance. This list is not exhaustive, no pun intended 🙂

Fatigue often points to nutrient deficiency, or an inability to efficiently utilize nutrients consumed. So we will look at your dietary patterns and anything that might deplete you of vital nutrients, like medications, drugs, infections, or toxins. We also look at the possibility of impaired metabolism and injured mitochondria resulting from oxidative stress. Certainly mental, emotional, and social issues can trigger stress responses in your body that drain your energy, so we take great care in tending to your mind, thought patterns, and life stressors as well.