Regain Your Well-Being With a Functional Medicine Doctor in Chino Hills

Improve your overall health with the help of Functional Medicine.

Your Functional Medicine Journey:

The power of teamwork

60-minutes of tailored in-person or online face-to-face time with Dr. Jamie

As an expert in wellness and health, Doctor Jamie integrates the best practices of Functional Medicine and focuses on diet, exercise, supplements, and stress management, as well as the latest laboratory testing methods. Whether you choose to do it in person or via webcam, keep in mind you’re an integral part of the process, participating actively in your short and long-term recovery. Our mission is to accompany you on your journey to a balanced life, vibrant appearance, and better health. So, if you’re searching for a holistic healthcare approach tailored to your needs, we’re the one to call!

The First Session: Comprehensive Health History + Diet, Stress, & Lifestyle Assessment + Lab Selection


Dr. Jamie Chan-Ortega

During your initial session, your story will be heard by an expert, who will help you understand your past experiences and current symptoms. As Functional Medicine takes into account the entire person, Dr. Jamie will dig deep into your health, family, and work history to identify not just all of your symptoms, but the causes behind them.

Aside from assessing medications, supplements, or dietary regimens you are on, we’ll suggest medical tests that will provide us with accurate information on your body’s ecosystem. Most of these labs are extremely convenient and easy-to-use home test kits. Once we receive your lab samples, we’ll contact you in five weeks to schedule your next Functional Medicine appointment.

Total Amount Patients Typically Spend at Initial Session ($325 Consult + Additional Labs):

The Second Session: Lab Interpretation + Diet + Lifestyle Protocol + Nutraceutical Program


Dr. Jamie Chan-Ortega
We always look forward to this session, since here you’ll get some genuine answers and healing guidance. We’ll provide you with highly-detailed laboratory results explanations from Dr. Jamie, in addition to a comprehensive meal plan, lifestyle, and nutraceutical treatment protocol. As part of this session, your recovery plan will be explained to you, ensuring that you are on the right track. Health-related factors such as nutrition, meal preparation, breathing and movement exercise, alternative therapies, and socio-environmental factors often appear here as a means of reducing chronic pain and encouraging healing. Nutritional supplements will be available for purchase at this session, too.

Total Amount Patients Typically Spend at the Second Session ($250 Consult + Supplements):

The Third Session: Progress Evaluation + Re-Assessment of Diet, Lifestyle, and Nutraceutical Protocol


Dr. Jamie Chan-Ortega
Now that you’ve followed Dr. Jamie’s treatment protocol for two months, it’s time to take a look back at what you’ve accomplished. We’ll assess your response to lifestyle, dietary, and nutraceutical protocols, modifying your health care plan as necessary. For those on an Adrenal or GI protocol, we often progress to the next wellness stage at this point. Within the scope of our Functional Medicine services, we help you establish long-term health goals and identify sustainable habits and therapies to keep your mind alert, your body energized, and your spirit high.

Total Amount Patients Typically Spend at the Third Session ($250 Consult + Supplements):

Follow-Up Sessions:


Dr. Jamie Chan-Ortega
Dr. Jamie will help you stay motivated, accountable, and encouraged through follow-up sessions. Approximately 4-6 months have passed since you started your treatment and the majority of patients have noticed noticeable improvements by now – with many looking forward to addressing secondary health concerns and progressing further. These Functional Medicine consultations allow you to adapt your health protocols and strategies according to the constant changes in your life. As an expert functional medicine doctor near you, Dr. Jamie is here to offer continuous support, guidance, and clinical expertise and help you live a healthy, happy, and empowered life.