NeoLife Essential Oils



The brain child of Dr. Jamie’s first son, Nahoa Life, NeoLife Oils are hand-crafted blends of the finest, therapeutic-grade essential oils. These intelligently designed formulations target the most common symptoms to promote the body’s natural healing response and soothe the senses. With beautifully balanced aromatherapeutic notes, NeoLife oils deliver science-based botanical healing wrapped in pure, natural fragrances.

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Dr. Jamie is able to work with clients over the phone because the health programs she designs are based on the results of lab tests that can easily be done in the comfort of your home. The types of tests that Dr. Jamie uses are stool, saliva, urine, or bloodspot samples. Not an ounce of connection, compassion, or detail is lost in the phone consultation – the only thing different is that you don’t have a commute!

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