Arthritis & Joint Pain

Arthritis is a common condition affecting over 50 million / 22% of adults in America. Arthritis can range from a mild discomfort to debilitating pain, with cases of arthritis-attributable activity limitations and debility increasing each year. Conventional treatments typically utilize OTC or prescription anti-inflammatory medications such as Advil or Ibuprofen, steroids (Prednisone), and powerful immune suppressing medications like Methotrexate.

These medications have many side effects, including gastric irritation and damage, liver toxicity, and immune compromise. The smoke is aired out and the fire is covered up temporarily – but what was upstream that caused the fires of inflammation to begin with? Arthritis is simply a description, a diagnostic label of “joint inflammation.” It describes the “what” – but not the “why.” Why have you developed arthritis? Nutrient deficiency, hidden allergens, lack of exercise and range of motion, infections, environmental toxins, an inflammatory diet, and stress are the real causes of inflammation. Treating the causes will quell the fires of arthritis for good – and without potentially damaging medications.